PARENT LIFE provides educational opportunities for teens who are affected by pregnancy.  We also provide classes in parenting, relationships, and life skills.  The moms have the opportunity to attend a bible study, and to be mentored. Our staff and volunteers provide free childcare in a safe room while these teens study for their high school diploma or GED in our computer lab next door.  We also provide free transportation to and from for students who live close to the City Life Center, and serve lunch for the moms, kids and volunteers. 

Weekly Schedule

Tuesday-Wednesday-Thursday  10:00am-2:00pm

City Life Center
40 Chicago Ave.
Columbus, OH 43222



Beth Trapp - Parent Life Volunteer



Why do you choose to volunteer for Teen Moms? 

Teenagers are amazing! I taught high school math for eight years before starting my own business and have a passion for relating to this crucial age, especially when these girls are seeking guidance and love. To be able to use my math (and now chemistry, English, etc!) and teaching skills with these girls who are working toward graduation has been a bonus.  

What do you like about volunteering?  

Working with Teen Moms on Tuesdays is one of the best parts of my week. Simply walking alongside these girls to help with homework, lend an ear, chat about their little ones, or offer a ride to YFC is a blessing to us both. It’s truly amazing how much you receive when you volunteer. The girls appreciate you being there -- even if they may not say it every time. Anything I can do to show the character of Jesus and make the challenges in their lives a bit more manageable, I’m in.

How has this experience impacted you?

I’ve never been so immersed in a culture I didn’t know, and it is the best thing that could ever happen. My heart breaks to know what these girls are facing when they leave YFC for the afternoon, and that shapes my prayer life and urges my sharing to others about how we all can actually make a difference.

Do you have a favorite story from Teen Moms you'd like to share?  

I’ve grown much closer with one girl I pick up and drop off each week, and I think we both look forward to the drive together to chat about life. She has opened up considerably, and I love that our conversations go from trying a new mascara to plans for the next stages of life. This past week the sun was shining and the day was far too nice to go home right away. We stopped off at a park to let her little girl play. The giggles and smiles all around were amazing. God is molding our relationship around trust, and I look forward to watching her grow and graduate and do something amazing!

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