How to Get Involved with Eastside City Life

Eastside City Life High School Club

The Eastside Club meets year round on Monday from 7:00 to 9:30 p.m.  We provide teens an outreach meeting called City LIfe Club where they can come and investigate the Christian faith and are able to be themselves.  Each week they hear a teaching that was developed by our staff team just for them.  The teachings are centered on issues that challenge teens and are culturally relevant to their people group.  They are able to hear the Gospel weekly and have an opportunity to make an informed decision to recieve Jesus as their Savior.  We also provide a time of discussion called "family group".  After the teaching, the teens split into small groups where they can ask questions and unpack what they just heard.  The whole evening is fun, upbeat, and a student-friendly enviornment.  The staff and volunteers provide love, encouragement, spiritual guidance, and, for some, discipleship.

  • We need committed adult workers male and female.
  • We need adults who are willing to carry enough auto liability insurance to help drive students.  Roughly 98% of our teens need transportation.
  • We need adult workers who will commit to spending time with teens, outside of these programmed times, to support them and build relationships.

Eastside Bible Study

Bible study meets weekly on Wednesday from 6:00-8:00 p.m. at Vineyard or Reynoldsburg where the teens study the Word and learn to pray.  This meeting provides a consistent place to meet and grow deeper in faith.  We break into small groups and have found that this enviornment works best.  The teens have a chance to ask questions and are challeneged to grow deeper in their faith.  Bible study is open to all the teens and any of their friends whom they invite.  After Bible study, we provide a time of fellowship and eat a student-friendly dinner together.  This meal is provided by a group of adults in the community called CLN.  The evening provides an opportunity for the teens to grow and experience fellowship on a consistent basis.

  • We need committed adults to build relationships with the students.
  • We need adults who are willing to carry enonough auto liability insurance to help drive students.  Roughly 98% of our teens need transportation.
  • We need adults who are willing to get trained on how to lead small group Bible studies that are discussion-oriented with the purpose of teaching new believers how to pray and learn the Bible.
  • We need adults to join our CLN and help provide dinner each week.  This is a vital part of our learning experience.  We would love to add 5 more individuals or couples to this team.  We need adults to be willing to serve the meal and help clean up (Arrival at 6:30, dinner starts at 7:20, and is over at 7:45 p.m. weekly).

Would you like to volunteer with Eastside City Life?  Fill out our Volunteer Application Form.