Growing Socially and Spiritually

12/16/2016 in Category Gracehaven

Natalie Bunn, LSW

I have been working with “Lisa” for several months, and she told me from the beginning that she only had one friend. Lisa is socially isolated, lacks social skills and does... More

Stories from Fall Weekend

12/12/2016 in Category City Life

COYFC took 95 high school students and 25 leaders on our annual "Fall Weekend" trip.  Below are reflections on the weekend from various staff and volunteers…

Katie Snell:  Maddie is very... More

“You Missed out on Pizza and Jesus!”

12/5/2016 in Category Campus Life

by Jason Sanz,

N.W. Licking County Campus Life

Max has been coming to Campus Life since the summer, and was already friends with a number of our regular attending teens through school.  He... More

City Life and Our Cold World

11/30/2016 in Category City Life

By Joel Fether

I hadn’t seen or spoken to Jalen for two weeks due to the holidays.  As I picked him up for City Life he was in a very troubled state of mind.  He said it’d been a rough... More

Challenges and Rewards

11/4/2016 in Category City Life

by Katie Snell

Have you ever made a quick judgment about a situation, reacted, and later realized that your judgment was wrong? Working with at-risk youth can be a lot like that. We... More