Angie’s Story

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by Rebekkah O'Bryan

“Angie” was placed in foster care at 10 because her parents struggled with addiction. Around 14, she ran from her foster home in hopes of returning to her biological parents. Three men offered her a ride to her hometown, which she accepted. But instead of going home she woke up in an attic hundreds of miles away.  One of the men promptly injected her with herion ensuring that she would not resist the several men who raped her that day.

Thankfully Angie escaped after several months. But her resulting addiction to narcotics and the long-lasting impact of her trauma, however, have proven more difficult to escape. When I met Angie she was in a drug rehabilitation program for youth, which she successfully completed.

Before working with Gracehaven, Angie would be on the run for months at a time before being found by law enforcement. Since working with us she has run away twice for a few days, but then calls us for help so she can return to treatment. We’re grateful that she has been sober, without relapse, for four months.

I went to visit her around Christmas time. She had made a homemade Christmas tree from fallen tree branches which she taped together. She laced ribbon through paper and hung on the branches for ornaments. On each piece of paper she wrote something she was thankful for like food, shelter, clothing and sobriety. At the top of her tree her ornaments read “Jesus” and “Gracehaven.” She said she now knows Jesus loves her no matter what, and she knows the team at Gracehaven loves her as well. What a privilege to watch a young woman begin to understand God’s grace and the transformational power of His love. 

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