Faithfulness in the Midst of Suffering

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by Nicole Ramey
Eastside City Life

“Jamie” is a seventeen-year-old high school senior who has been in City Life since eighth grade. She’s grown tremendously during this time, showing a keen transformation in her thinking and devotion to Him.

But her world changed dramatically recently when she was diagnosed with Crohns disease.

She was devastated. Immediately her doctors made significant adjustments to her diet and exercise.  Because she has a large hole in her large intestine her doctors put her on a shake diet with minimal solid foods. She hates milk, so this diet was not very successful for her. She lost a lot of weight, and often did not feel well.

Despite these challenges, God has gifted her with faithfulness and discipline. She was always at City life even when she felt ill.

After a month of the liquid diet, the doctors stopped the shakes and put her on steroids. Her beaming face reflected her heartfelt gratitude to God. She confidently exclaimed, “It was only God.” 

Recently at City Life a leader asked Jamie a question about praying. Jamie thoughtfully replied:

“I used to pray for God to heal me. Now, I don’t think I want to be healed because I like how close we are. I have prayed so much more since my illness. I would not be this close to Him if it wasn’t for my Crohns.”

What a powerful testimony of how the Holy Spirit has shaped this young women’s thinking to value the things of God instead of comfort or a normal life. Also, how incredibly mature of Jamie to choose joy than to succumb to the negative aspects of her disease.
At COYFC our mission goes beyond just reaching lost youth. We care to see the young people we reach mature into lifelong followers of Christ who lead. We are encouraged and grateful to see this work of the Holy Spirit in Jamie's life mature her beyond many others her own age.
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