Growing Socially and Spiritually

Posted on by COYFC

Natalie Bunn, LSW

I have been working with “Lisa” for several months, and she told me from the beginning that she only had one friend. Lisa is socially isolated, lacks social skills and does not understand unhealthy, predatory people. These social deficits placed her at a higher risk of trafficking. She was so eager for social interaction she allowed herself to be befriended online by an older man who gained her trust and picked her up at her home. He then abducted her, took her to his home in another state, and exploited her by forcing her to produce child pornography. With the help of the FBI, Lisa was rescued and returned home. In our work together, we focus on learning about healthy boundaries and safe people. To practice her social skills and help her develop a support system, we referred her to YFC’s City Life Club on Monday nights where she has already made several friends. She has also accepted Jesus into her life and is excited to share everything she has been learning about God. Lisa is growing socially and spiritually thanks to Gracehaven's involvement and the City Life team.

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