“It’s Weird, but I Kinda Like It”

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Christy Talbert, JJM Chaplain
      I knew only that Brandy was white, 17, female, and had never asked to see a chaplain before.  I quickly found Brandy to be a bright, open, easy to like girl. She told me her story, which included sexual abuse at the hand of her stepfather.  When mom refused to leave the man, Brandy became a ward of the state.  Since then she'd been bounced around in foster and group homes.  Some of them had been fine, at others she had endured further abuse.  She was at the detention center because she had ran from her last placement.  
      Once we had gotten to know one another a bit, I asked Brandy about her spiritual beliefs.  She stated that until very recently she had been an atheist. What had changed her mind?  A week earlier she'd been in a Bible 411 class about prayer.  As part of the class, Satera asked the youth to write the one thing they wanted God to do for them.  Satera  read the anonymous answers out loud to the group.
      Brandy had asked God to help her remember her past.  She told me all she remembered was abuse - most of her childhood was a blank to her.  She then said with amazement that the night after Satera's class, she had been laying in bed and memories had come flooding back to her.  This happened around ten at night for several nights.   Her memories were of the bad things she had done.  Brandy also told me that since that class, she had been reading the Bible - and listed off several entire books she had finished.  
      I asked Brandy why God would show her the wrong things she had done.  "Because He wants me to change," she replied.   I suggested another reason.  Perhaps God wanted her to seek His forgiveness.  Brandy was eager to hear more so I explained the Gospel message - that God loved her and was ready to forgive her, take her just as she was, and then help her change.  She eagerly prayed to ask Christ's death to be for her.
      After we prayed together, I asked her how she felt.  She appeared happy but perplexed.  She could not believe that two weeks ago she didn't believe in God, and now He was "talking to her."   Then she said with a huge smile on her face,  "It's weird, but I kinda like it!"
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