“Now I Know That I Am Loved”

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By Joel Fether
City Life
 “That’s the house where my dad sells crack.”  While I was driving several students to City Life one night "Nancy" uttered these words.  She spoke with a practiced detachment that was sadder to me than if she’d been sobbing with tears streaming down her face. 
Nancy has been coming to City Life for the last few years, but she’s been pretty tough to work with.  Most of the time she walks through life with an “I don’t care” attitude.  We believe Nancy is a bright and caring young woman at heart and has adopted an uncaring attitude as a defense against the pain in her life. In addition to abusing drugs, her dad is uncaring, absent and verbally abusive, often saying very hurtful things to Nancy.  Words like that aren’t easily forgotten.
So we understand why Nancy has adopted this unaffected persona. That is why it was so heartwarming to read the note she wrote to one of our volunteers after a City Life meeting a few weeks ago: 
“I just wanted to let you know that I really enjoyed your teaching!! I struggle with feeling loved a lot because of everything I’ve been through with my dad.  Sometimes I don’t believe that God forgives me and I start to think that He’ll give up on me like my dad did.  I understood everything that you talked about.  Now I know that I am loved!!”       
Knowing that we are loved, especially by God, gives us security, significance and purpose.  I believe that as Nancy, and other students like her, grasp how wide and long and high and deep the love of Christ is, they will experience the healing they need to become who God intends them to be. We have diligently prayed for Nancy for over a year, so we are overjoyed to see her understand the confidence she can have in God’s love.
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