At YFC we like to talk about stories...God's story of His sacrifice for mankind. Our story of beginning a relationship with Him. And the stories of teens who come to our clubs and other outreaches.

Unfortunately, many of the teens’ stories we hear are unsettling, and often tragic. And frankly, we’re bothered by them.

We’re bothered when a kid comes from a home with no father.

We’re bothered when young people come home to alcoholism and drug abuse and to a home that is not a safe place.

We’re bothered by the notion that anybody is trafficked for sex in our city or our state.

We don’t think any of these things should ever happen. But when they do we want to part of the solution. We want to serve young people in these spaces and in so many more...

The urban teens who are so innundated with drugs and violence and a myriad of distractions they are doing well just to get by each day.

The teen moms who work two and three jobs just to provide for their kids while trying to earn their high school diploma.

The young girls who have experienced the deepest, most offensive trauma from being trafficked for sex.

Teens in tough places...and teens who are poised to learn about Jesus  and His unfailing love and commitment to them.

We invite you to join us as we seek to serve these priceless young lives.