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Why YFC Camp?

We value taking our students away to a camp or retreat because it allows us to spend quality, uninterrupted time with them. Our teens can be very distracted with chaotic and stressful lives. Time away allows them to focus on the Bible teachings and the group discussions and deeply consider what God has in store for them.

And this year YFC Camp is more critical than ever! After more than a year of lockdowns and isolation our teens are anxious, depressed and fearful. They have been so negatively impacted that our ministry leaders are genuinely worried about them. Taking teens away and investing into them without the chaos of their daily lives will reap many relational benefits.


"Going to camp this year is like hitting fast forward with friendships and spiritual growth. It could be just the thing to kickstart their lives back towards health." 

- Marc Johnson, Campus Life Gahanna


We've adapted this year's camps to reflect the need for safety and social distancing. But some things will remain the same:

  • Teens will enjoy unique and fun experiences AWAY from the trials they've been interacting with each day.
  • They will hear about God's love for them and His plan of a hope and a future for their lives.
  • We'll show them in word and deed that they are very important to us and that we are committed to them and their spiritual growth.

We have three weekend camps planned for 2021:

Middle School Camp -- June 11-13

High School Camp -- June 18-20

Fall Weekend -- November 5-7


It costs $200 to send a YFC teen to camp. We usually ask teens to cover $50 of their cost, and help them with this by providing community service projects. But this year we know that small investment will be a bigger challenge than normal. Many of our families have lost jobs and we don't have the same opportunities to create "work for camp" service projects. Please consider how you can help with this special need this year.