YFC Deaf Teen Quest is designed specifically for building Christ-centered, life-changing relationships with deaf and hard of hearing students. Teams of caring Christian adults enter the world of Deaf teenagers with “fun, friendship, fellowship and faith.” YFC Deaf Teen Quest provides a healthy peer group environment with Christian role models to help Deaf teens develop a mature faith that makes a positive difference in the world.



Deaf Teen Quest is led by Jamie Jiang, who previously spent 3.5 years training and leading with DTQ in Florida. She is excited to use her talents and passion to share Jesus with Deaf and Hard of Hearing teens in her hometown.

"Though they are overlooked by most, Deaf teenagers are seen by God, and God has given me a heavy burden to make sure they know it! In 2013, I graduated from college with a Sign Language Interpreting degree and a deep conviction to serve the Deaf community. After having served urban youth for 6 years with YFC in Columbus, I spent the next 4 years interning and leading with YFC’s Deaf ministry, Deaf Teen Quest, in Jacksonville, Florida. Without parents who can communicate with them, my heart breaks for these isolated and lonely teens who are essentially orphans in their own homes. I find deep fulfillment in the mission of DTQ, where they can experience the love of Jesus through Christian adults willing and caring enough to learn their language and enter their world. God has called me to give my life to serve this hurting population and I’m honored to lead this mission in Columbus with COYFC."

For more information contact Jamie Jiang at [email protected]  To support the mission of Deaf Teen Quest, CLICK HERE for giving options.