Point Break creates an atmosphere of honest communication in which students and faculty work together. Participants move through a variety of high-energy games, small group discussions, encouraging teaching segments and poignant moments of personal reflection, all of which call for honest introspection. Through this process, students who have been silent in the past find opportunity to share and trust their peers.


Point Break is a day-long workshop designed to promote resiliency among students. Resilient students display social competence, problem-solving skills, personal responsibility and a sense of purpose and hope for the future. Students learn to choose conflict resolution over conflict and respect for others over disrespect.

Through this six-hour workshop, educational and social barriers that exist between students begin to evaporate. High-energy activities, interaction with caring adults and relevant discussion (regarding bullying, painful life experiences and emotional expression) allow Point Break to draw students together, focusing on empathy and respect. Students respond to the day’s challenges with self-reflection and the acknowledgement of personal responsibility. The end result is students who begin to pursue immediate behavioral change.

Students not only discuss compassion, they participate in it! They not only talk about respect, they experience it! Reconciliation takes place right before their eyes as students share their own pain and come to grips with how it has affected them as well as those around them.

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What does a typical Point Break Workshop look like?  Gain a better understanding of how Point Break works.

Is Point Break Effective? A research study to measure the effectiveness of the Point Break program has been released. Visit this page to download the actual report (PDF).


Bring Point Break to Your School:

If you are interested in having a Point Break Workshop at your school, contact Point Break Coordinator Bryan Brookes at [email protected] or call (614)582-5377.

How You Can Get Involved:

Point Break seeks to mobilize caring community volunteers from area businesses and faith organizations as well as churches.  Often times, interested adults want to have some meaningful involvement with their community high school or middle school, but they don't know where to begin.  With Point Break workshops, adults can come to volunteer, playing the critical role of small group facilitator.  Volunteers gain extremely valuable experience, as they relate to students, forming a deep, profound connection inside the context of the Point Break program.

Are you interested in serving high school students in your area for a 6-hr. workshop? Watch this short video to hear from some recent volunteers.

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