Why do youth become involved in the juvenile court system?                         

Youth become involved with the juvenile court system due to acts of delinquency, need for foster placement, or mental heath treatment.  Many of these young people live in homes and neighborhoods where poverty, parental neglect, abandonment, physical and sexual abuse, domestic violence, and substance abuse are chronic and severe. 


How is our Juvenile Justice program providing support for these youth?

Chaplaincy Program

YFC staff & volunteers help interested youth find answers, guidance, hope, & comfort through one on one spiritual counseling sessions and small interactive chapel services.
Central Ohio Youth for Christ (COYFC) provides religious services programming at:

  • The Franklin County Juvenile Detention Facility in Columbus (since July of 1996)
  • The Multi-County Juvenile Detention Center in Lancaster (since February 2004)
  • The Central Ohio Youth Center in Marysville (since September 2012)
  • The Perry Multi-County Juvenile Facility in New Lexington (since September 2012)
  • The South Central Ohio Regional Juvenile Detention Center in Chillicothe (since 2017)


Bridgebuilders After-Care

Our Bridgebuilders After-care Mentoring program is an initiative to match youth released from detention with a mature Christian mentor.  Our goal is to help these youth mature in their faith and become engaged in a YFC City Life group.


For more information contact JJM Ministry Director Steve Telfer at [email protected].


 Meet the JJM Staff

  • Steve Telfer, JJM Ministry Site Leader

    Steve Telfer joined YFC’s staff in 1998. He and his wife, Laura, have two daughters. Why does he choose to work with court-involved youth? “Sharing the reality of the gifts of faith, hope and love (1 Cor. 13:13) with teenagers in the juvenile court system, and what it can mean for their lives, is a great honor and privilege.”

  • Satara Hairston, Chaplain

    "A few years ago my mentor told me about an internship opportunity at the Franklin County Juvenile Detention Center. I was desperate to quit my job at the time so I said YES, not knowing I was walking into my deepest and greatest passion. I absolutely love this ministry field, at-risk teens who are incarcerated. What I love most is seeing the many miracles of Christ. I’ve seen youth transformed right before my eyes while being locked up. I have seen youth trust God with their cases and have gotten the chance to watch God work His power in these court cases as well as in their lives.  I’ve watched youth get sent to prison and remain faithful to God. Those are among the many things I love about working with the youth at the Juvenile Detention Center."