A Stolen Heart, An Enriched Life

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One of our core values at YFC is training teens to become lifelong learners. Our passion is that they acquire a value for reading the Bible and pursuing knowledge in all areas. But we discovered that many of our students had difficulty reading and writing. They had not learned the basics in grade school and it only hindered them as they got older. What could we do?

That’s why we partner with Mission Columbus in the Columbus Tutoring Initiative. Nearly 300 tutors spend their lunch hour in 18 area schools reading with elementary students and helping them improve their reading skills and confidence.  By helping these students now, they’re building the foundation for greater learning down the road. 

The following letter from a CTI tutor illustrates how time spent with her student benefitted both of them:

“The first student I ever tutored stole my heart.  She came from a very unstable family and had just lost her grandma.  When we met she immediately told me all about her grandma.  We bonded right away.  As we worked very hard on sight words, she would share stories about the things her grandma had taught her. Her grandma called her Tinkerbell.

“Over the first few times we met she told me how much she hated reading.  It was very difficult for her and later she was tested to have a learning disability. We continued to work on sight words and I started bringing in Disney's ‘The Never Girls’ books. She loved them and we would read a chapter a week together.  As we finished each book, I gave it to her to take home.  She could hardly wait for the next book.

“Even though this little girl aged out of the program we continued to meet at school often. Each time I saw her, she told me she is doing well in class and lets me know if she is experiencing any problems.  I continue to give her ‘The Never Girl’ books every so often as she says she is READING them to her little sister.

“The children I have tutored have enriched my life in so many ways.  The one on one attention the students receive means so much to them. They LOVE to come to tutoring." 

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