“I’m Starting to Believe in Him Again”

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by Satara Hairston, JJM Chaplain

“I planted the seed, Apollos watered it, but God has been making it grow. So neither the one who plants nor the one who waters is anything, but only God, who makes things grow.” (1 Corinthians 3:6-7)

Recently I entered into a pod (a living unit for incarcerated youth) just to hang around and play a few card games. One youth named “Isaac” asked, “What do you do here”? I said, “Ya know, just hang with you guys and talk about the Lord.” That was the simplest way I could think to describe my role. Isaac said, “I’m an Atheist.” I was stunned. We don’t often come across youth who identify as being atheist. I asked him if we could talk more about his reasons at a later time. Isaac didn’t hesitate to tell me his reason why in that moment: “My dad was murdered when I was 9 and my mom was strangled to death when I was 12, so there ain’t no reason for me to believe that there is a God.” I certainly wasn’t expecting that, but I knew that I couldn’t have a quality conversation with him at that moment. Isaac said he was willing to meet later that day one-on-one.

Thankfully, I got the opportunity to hear all about the life of this young boy. Isaac shared how he grew up in a very poor area of a large city with a lot of crime. I asked God to show me how I can express the love of Jesus to him. I began to share with him about the book of Genesis and the fall of mankind. I explained free will to him and how sin entered into this world.  That alone seemed like a big step for him to allow me to read and use God’s word in our talk. I thought it was important that he understood who to place the blame on in regards to his parents’ death. In my mind the conversation ended there. However, for Isaac it didn’t. Isaac wrote in an assignment that I gave him these exact words:

“God hasn’t helped me in jail because I don’t believe in him and I don’t pray. But I am starting to believe in him again because the chaplain helped me to realize I can’t blame God for what happened to my parents. I should be blaming the people who did it not God. So I want to start to believe in him again because he’s the reason I’m on this earth. He died for me to be here.”

God’s power is penetrating the heart of this young man. What started off as a small seed is being cultivated and grown by God. Let’s continue to pray for Isaac. Although he hasn’t accepted Christ in his heart, we still get to see the amazing results of God’s growing work.

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