Stories from Fall Weekend

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COYFC took 95 high school students and 25 leaders on our annual "Fall Weekend" trip.  Below are reflections on the weekend from various staff and volunteers…

Katie Snell:  Maddie is very shy. It is almost impossible to get her to talk and when she does her answer almost always follows with a dirty look. She has dealt with a tremendous amount of bullying and has no close friends. She has a hard protective shell to say the least. Her mom pushed her to go to Fall Weekend, where every answer was “This is stupid," or "God is not real” during our small group times. However, since Fall Weekend she has become a different person. She has been coming to our Monday night club every week and has begun to build friendships with a few of the volunteers and her peers. She has even answered more questions and been open to sharing her thoughts. Fall Weekend provided a great foundation for Maddie to feel comfortable in beginning to trust others.  

Nick Beach:   Kent was hesitant about going to Fall Weekend. He really did not want to participate in our small group discussions, and was rebellious from the start. He wasn’t listening well and complained a lot. Throughout the weekend he slowly started to change his attitude but still wasn't into the small groups. I finally asked him why he came to Fall Weekend in the first place. We talked further and I asked if he thought he was going to heaven and he said yes. As the conversation continued I realized that he hadn't accepted Christ. I shared the good news about Jesus’ death and resurrection with him and he said he wanted to start a relationship with Jesus. He then prayed in our group to receive Christ into his life! 

Cat Tipton:  Samantha (another volunteer) and I spent our weekend in a small group with six great girls. We learned about Moses and talked about the circumstances in our lives and our responses to them. One girl in our group, Diana, is always very talkative and quick to answer, and she's usually "right" or pretty close to it. This weekend she opened up that she doesn't really feel close to anyone or trust people in general. However, she shared openly on the last day that she felt accepted enough by the girls in our group to open up and trust them with the real stuff she has going on in her life. She shared that her family consistently struggles to have their basic needs met at the end of the month and was homeless for a time. She said during that time she grew close to God because He's the only person who could help them. Her family still struggles sometimes, but she is hopeful. Her dad is three weeks (hopefully four now) clean from heroin. She learned this weekend that God does want to use her to do His work despite her circumstances and I think she would like for her whole family to know and believe that! They live very close to the Center so maybe their whole family will come to the Lord through her example!

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